OBAMA city

Sushi Breakfast Tour: A hands-on sushi experience!

From 8,100 yen per person



Attend the fish auction at the local fish centre with a sushi chef and judge fish together. The sushi chef will teach you how to clean and filet fish. After fileting the fish, you learn to create your own sushi. Breakfast is served!


7:30-10:00 (2 and a half hours)


5-9 people 


Reservation required for a guide on this tour 

(Reservation deadline: 7 days ) 



Machinoeki (town station) or Your accommodation


Total costs with guide 8,000 yen



OBAMA city 

Fishing Port and fish market: 

See the fishermen unload the catch of the day, experience the auction atmosphere and then visit the fish market. 


Tour schedule   7:30 Unloading of fishing boats – 7:40 Fish auction – 8:10 Fish market – 8:40 Go to Sushitomi  – 9:00 Sushi breakfast - 10:00 finish


The secret of the delicious fresh fish caught here in Obama is that the cold, pure seawater is affected by the complex tides of natural reefs that are overflowing with cold winter minerals. Following the instructions of the guide at the fishing port you will experience the thrill of the local Obama fish auction and learn the proper way to judge fish. You will then learn how to turn the fish into sushi from a local sushi expert, after wish you get to enjoy your creation as a fresh and invigorating breakfast! Experiencing creating sushi from the very beginning of the process is a uniquely Japanese experience you won't soon forget.


【Available schedule 】Fishing port closed Wed. and Sun. and market opened through the year   


【Reservations】For a guide  

Department of Tourism, Obama

24-45-2 Wakuri, Obama city, Fukui

Tel : (+81)770-56-3366

Mail : experience@obamakankokyoku.com

​【Video explaining fish market number counting fingerprints】




Question 1   

Q: What kind of fish can we find at the auction?  

A: You can find sea bream, tile fish, blow fish, sea bass, sword fish yellowtail, mackerel, horse mackerel, Spanish mackerel, squid, shrimp etc.  


Question 2  

Q: Can we buy fish during the auction?  

A: Unfortunately you can’t buy fish during auction because wholesalers and professional chefs are looking for fish for their commercial uses. You can buy fish in the market later.    


Question 3  

Q: Are there any restaurants which serve fresh fish nearby?  

A: There is only one local restaurant in the market. If you want to buy fish with the chef in a sushi restaurant and he cooks in front of you for dinner, please consult with Wakasa Obama Tourism Association & Information center.  


Question 4  

Q: How do they decide the price in the fish auction?  

A: With the movements of the fingers they quickly understand the price and the person who showed the highest amount can get the fish. There is a short video about fingers and numbers for the auction.  


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