OBAMA city

Ano Area: At Ano Paddler’s club and Ano Blue park, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rias coastline, with fishing and kayaking. 

From 13,500 yen per person



This plan is available in Summer (June-September)   

Sea Kayaking to a private beach, aquafarm sea-bream fishing and BBQ for lunch  

With Ano google map  


3 and half hours


2-6 people


Reservation required for Kayaking, Cruise, Fishing, Lunch (or a guide)  

(Reservation deadline: 7 days in advance)  


After fishing you can also recieve a lesson on how to prepare fish fillets with a special “sabaki” knife


Ano port 


Total costs 10,000 yen + option costs 3,500 yen



OBAMA city 

Ano Area: At Ano Paddler’s club and Ano Blue park, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rias coastline, with fishing and kayaking. 



Model of the schedule     

9:30 kayaking for two hours – 11:30 Fishing -12:15 BBQ -13:00 End  


In the Ano district of Obama, Fukui prefecture, you’ll find guesthouses and a thriving business in rearing Wakasa fugu, a kind of blowfish. There are restaurants where you can dine on blowfish, sea bream and other aquafarm seafood. On a kayak course, you can also check out an aquafarm. Ano beach is a popular spot in summer especially for families with children.  The Ano area offers plenty of seaside fun!  



This plan is available in Summer (June-September)  

You can experience sea kayaking for two hours. First the instructor explains how to pedal and important points then you are ready to go out into sea. You may visit a small hidden private beach as well as the inland and open sea. Especially the inland sea is the perfect location for aquafarming fish such as blowfish and sea bream.   

After Kayaking you go to Blue park Ano and here you can fish sea bream in farming ponds and as an option you can learn how to cut it or a staff cut it for you.  

Then you will BBQ the fish you caught for your lunch. If you bring the vegetables you can also grill them here.


【Available period 】Whole year except as below:  

Kayaking June- September (In the case of stormy weather you can enjoy making salts, making plum juice or Zen meditation as the replacement).    

Blowfish lunch October - May (not in summer time)  



Department of Tourism, Obama

24-45-2 Wakuri, Obama city, Fukui

Tel : (+81)770-56-3366

Mail : experience@obamakankokyoku.com



Question 1   

Q: How can you get to this place?  

A: 15 min. by taxi from Obama JR station  


Question 2  

Q: Is blowfish dangerous to eat?  

A: It contains poison only in the liver part. Chefs need a special license to be able to cook it.  So you can safely enjoy this fish for lunch.  


Question 3  

Q: Can children participate kayaking?  

A: Yes, these organizations operate the programs for children such as elementary school kids (6-12 year old), so the staff are well trained in instructing children.  


Question 4  

Q: How can you fish sea bream?  

A: In an aquafarm pond there are many hungry big-sized sea bream so you can catch them quite easily. 


Question 5  

Q: Is it difficult to cut sea bream into fillet using a Japanese knife?  

A: The Japanese knife has only one-side blade (not both sides) and it is better that you get used to it.  But staff will carefully instruct and support you for cutting fish into pieces.  


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