OBAMA city

Sancho-machi - the ancient Geisha district:  

Experience the company of a traditional Geisha, with games and lunch in an historical Geisha house. 

From 8,750 yen per person 



Experience the geisha games (Konpira fune, Tosenkyo) in the Harima Geisha house and a special local set menu lunch in Suigetsu (Old townhouse). Google map for strolling around this area.  


11:00-13:00  (2 hours) 


2-6 people


Reservation required for the experience of geisha games, Lunch and a Guide as an option  

(Reservation deadline: 7 days in advance)  


Visit the cafés or bakery in this region called Obama Nishigumi (including Sanchomachi geisha district) by the instruction of Google map or stay over in the old townhouses called Machiya or Zen meditation in the serious circumstance in Bukkoku-ji Zen temple. 




Total costs with guide 8,750 yen(2H) or 12,750 yen(4H) 



OBAMA city 

Sancho-machi - the ancient Geisha district:  

Experience the company of a traditional Geisha, with games and lunch in an historical Geisha house. 


Schedule   11:00-12:00 Harima (traditional Geisha games), 12:00-13:00 Suigetsu (Lunch)  


The downtown area along the beach had been well developed as the castle and port town since Edo period (1600-1867), where you could find the prosperity in this town thanks to the commerce as the port between the capital Kyoto and Northern part of Japan called Aomori and Hokkaido led by the commerce ships called Kitamae-bune. Especially in the west region called Obama Nishigumi, where you can find old townhouses, temples, modern type of buildings built in Taisho period (1912-1926), you can enjoy strolling around to feel the special ancient time as if you had been transported through time.    


One alley called Sancho-machi which used to be the Geisha district, you can visit the Geisha house called Harima for learning how to play old games such as Tosenkyo (tossing the fan to the target).  In Suigetsu you can enjoy the old townhouse architecture where Geishas used to entertain and have a wonderful lunch menu.  


As options in that area you can find some nice cozy cafés or bakery or you can have an experience to stay in the old townhouses. All the locations are described in Google map.  


If you want to seriously train your mental then you can apply for the Zazen meditation experience in Bukkoku-ji temple.    


【Available Period 】Whole year except Wednesdays  

【Reservations】Experience of geisha games, lunch and guide or Zen meditation as an option  

Department of Tourism, Obama
24-45-2 Wakuri, Obama city, Fukui
Tel : (+81)770-56-3366
Mail : experience@obamakankokyoku.com




Question 1   

Q: Can we meet a Geisha in Harima?  

A: Yes and No.  The lady in Harima is a Geisha as an occupation but she doesn’t wear the special wig or the special make-up as you would imagine.  


Question 2  

Q: What is a difference between Geishas in Kyoto and in Obama?  

A: Obama city was closely connected through the commerce to the capital Kyoto where people came and went, so the Obama area was quite influenced by Kyoto culture and the Geishas were part of it. But the Geisha houses in Kyoto are still quite preserved so it is hard to get in, but here you can easily access and learn the games that Geishas use to entertain their guests.    


Question 3  

Q: What kind of lunch does Suigetsu offer?  

A: For lunch they offer a wooden lunch-box style with mainly fish based local food, but if you wish you can change to beef as the replacement of fish.  


Question 4  

Q: How many people can stay in these Machiya?  

A: There are several bed rooms so basically it is suitable for a family or small group.  


Question 5  

Q: Can children participate in the Zen meditation?  

A: I am afraid not because this meditation hall is a very serious sacred place where the people trained themselves on an everyday basis. Therefore we can’t interrupt these people.  


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