OBAMA city

Myotsu-ji temple: Visit this beautiful Shingon Sect temple with National Treasures and enjoy a tranquil moment with green tea and meditation. 

From 3,500 yen per person



Visit of Main hall and Three-story pagoda including an appreciation of the buddha statues inside of the main hall, Maccha (powder green tea) experience with home-made sweets, Ajikan meditation experience  


9:00-11:00  (1 hour and half - 2 hours in total) 


2-10 people 


Reservation required for tea and meditation experiences (or a guide)   

(Reservation deadline: 7 days in advance)  


With an English speaking guide


Myotsu-ji temple 


Total costs 3,500 yen 



OBAMA city 

Myotsu-ji temple: Visit this beautiful Shingon Sect temple with National Treasures and enjoy a tranquil moment with green tea and meditation. 



9:00-9:30 visit main hall and three-story pagoda, 9:30-10:10 Tea experience, 10:15-11:00 Ajikan Meditation   


First you visit the main hall and three-story pagoda surrounded by nature at the back-side of the mountain. These two beautiful wooden constructions were built in the Kamakura period (12-14 centuries) and are designated as national treasures. Inside of the main hall through the priest’s guidance you can see closely very old unique three wooden Buddha statues, a seated Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha) in the middle and two sided standing statues called Jinsha Taisho and Gozanze Myoo, all three statues were crafted in the late Heian period (around 11-12 centuries).    


After visiting the main hall you return to the entrance and visit another hall for having a bowl of Maccha powder-green tea with home-made sweets kindly served by the priest and then you meditate while facing a special sign board of the Sanskrit character A while being guided by the priest. This special meditation method called Ajikan was developed in the 9th century in the esoteric Shingon Buddhist school.  

Hospitality of Myotsu-ji temple: See beautiful constructions partially designated as National treasures and share timeless moment with green tea and special meditation


【Available Period 】Whole year (certain days are not available due to special ceremonial services)    

【Reservations 】  

Department of Tourism, Obama

24-45-2 Wakuri, Obama city, Fukui

Tel : (+81)770-56-3366

Mail : experience@obamakankokyoku.com




Question 1   

Q: What is the characteristic of Myotsu-ji temple?  

A: The old temple constructions especially the wooden three-story pagoda in the natural setting offers breathtaking scenery.  


Question 2  

Q: How can I get to Myotsu-ji temple?  

A: From Higashi Obama station by taxi it takes 10 min. From Obama station 15 min.  



Question 3  

Q: What are the home-made sweets served with tea?  

A: They are Japanese kneaded sweets made of white beans, rice flower, sugar, starch syrup, etc. You first eat the sweets to sweeten your mouth, then drink the slightly bitter maccha tea.    


Question 4  

Q: During the experiences do we have to sit directly on the floor?  

A: For Maccha tea experience there are chairs and tables.  For the meditation you have to sit on the floor but if you request in advance chairs will be prepared.    


Question 5  

Q: What is the difference between Ajikan and Zen meditation?  

A: Zen meditation came to Japan in Kamakura period (12-14 centuries) and is a type of meditation which aims to empty your mind through controlling your breathing. On the other hand, Ajikan meditation was developed in Japan as part of the Shingon school founded by the priest called Kukai who had studied Buddhism in China in 9th century. You concentrate by staring at the Sanskrit character A, while saying the A sound for a while and in the imagination you develop the crystal ball from the small one in hands to big enough as the ride you are in to travel to the moon.    


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