OBAMA city

Myotsuji Temple Cycling Tour: Cycle into nature and experience the beauty and tranquility of Myotsuji Temple. Learn about Buddha and the history of the temple directly from the monks who practice there.

From 5,500 yen per person  



Ride a bicycle through Obama's winding rural roads and visit the serene Myotsuji Temple. At Myotsuji Temple a monk will teach all about Buddah and the traditions of the temple from within the main hall.


9:30-11:30  (2 hours) 


2-6 people 


Reservation required for a guide   

(Reservation deadline: 7 days in advance) 



Higashi Obama JR station 


Total costs 4,500 yen 



OBAMA city 

Bicycle tour :visiting the National treasure Myotsuji

First you will enjoy a bike ride through Obama's nature trails, and conclude your ride with a visit to Myotsuji Temple. The main hall is a stunning three-story pagoda surrounded by nature with a beautiful mountain backdrop. These two beautiful wooden constructions were built in the Kamakura era (1185-1333) and are designated as a national treasure. Within the main hall a local monk will teach of Buddah and the rich history of the temple.


【Available Period 】Whole year  

【Reservations 】For a guide  

Department of Tourism, Obama

24-45-2 Wakuri, Obama city, Fukui

Tel : (+81)770-56-3366

Mail : experience@obamakankokyoku.com




Question 1  

Q: Is it easy to ride the electric assisted bicycle?  

A: Yes it is.  At the rental shop you can get an English explanation about how to use this type of bicycle and the roads are not so crowded there.    


Question 2  

Q: What is a difference between temples and shrines in Kyoto and ones in Obama?  

A: The temples and shrines in Obama are surrounded by nature, so the atmosphere is quite different. They have very long histories and in the temples you can also find beautiful old buddha statues that were made in the 11th-12th centuries.    


Question 3  

Q: Is it difficult to follow the route?  

A: If you apply, you can get the URL of this Obama bicycle tour google-map which you can download beforehand. Using google maps the directions are quite easy to follow.  


Question 4  

Q: Where do we return the bicycle?  

A: You have to bring back your bicycle to Higashi Obama station. The shop opens from 9:00-17:00.  


Question 5  

Q: Are there any tours or special routes for professional cyclists?  

A: There is a mountain route from Kyoto over the Harihata pass with the distance of 75km. But you need a special bicycle guide. Please consult the Wakasa Obama Tourism Association & Information center  


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